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  Thank you for your time! Please help us improve our company and work environment by completing this survey. The survey will only take about 5 minutes to complete.
Supervisor’s efforts to identify your strengths and weaknesses.          
The quality of orientation and training received for your current position in the company.          
The mentoring you are currently receiving from senior peers.          
Management’s support for my efforts to improve my weaknesses.          
Current performance appraisal process.          
Employee evaluations.          
There is a consistent and equitable system of rewards.          
The process for identifying candidates to fill open positions.          
Positive recognition by your immediate supervisor.          
Feedback from customers.          
Visibility to senior management.          
Peer recognition.          
Peer pressure.          
Personal sense of accomplishment.          
Professional learning and growth opportunities.          
Career advancement opportunities.          
Base compensation.          
Bonus and incentive programs.          
Select at least 3 and no more than 3.
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