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  Add surveys to your website! Thank you for your interest in SelectSurvey.NET!

This survey will demonstrate a lot of the features that are available in the core tools:
  • SelectSurvey.NET Server Software (On Premise)
  • SelectSurvey.NET SaaS (Software as a Service)

We are excited to schedule a one on one SelectSurvey.NET Demo with you! 

But we need a few details first, so that we can contact you for a webex, or conference call to answer any of your high level technical questions.

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SelectSurvey.NET Features Include...
  • 38+ Question Types
  • Skip Logic, Question Conditions, Page Conditions
  • Expert Templates
  • Easy Survey Editor
  • Email List, Email Templates, Email Engine
  • Piping Tokens
  • Hard and Soft Validation, Question to Question Validation, Custom Validation
  • Pre populate from database or web service
  • Login Required or Anonymous, Single Response or Multiple Response
  • Anonymous with Unique Code Response Type that does not rely on cookies or IP address
  • Active Directory, NTLM, Google Federated Login Integration
  • CAS academic and social login integration 
  • CSV Data Export, Excel, SPSS, XML export with multiple export options
  • API data export
  • Easily integrate with Microsoft products such as Office 365 with our API
  • Seamless AZURE integration
  • with MS SQL Server database (also compatible with other database types)
  • Security - FIPS compliant configuration option
  • 508 Compliant
  • Extensive admin tools for security, SSL, and application wide configuration options
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Question Libraries
  • Report Sharing
  • Results Overview, Individual Results, Custom Reports, Free Form Reports
  • Auto Populate custom uploaded acrofield PDFs with survey responses
  • User workspace portal
  • Mobile, ipad, Phone, Web, Kiosk
  • Many more!
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