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 Results of the January 2012 Snow Storm
 Survey Title:January 2012 Snow Storm
 Survey Properties:
 Total Respondents:115
 Survey Status:Closed
 Closed Date:02/14/2012
 Responses By Question Analysis:

 1.  In your opinion, how do you think the Village of Orland Park handled the snow removal overall?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Very Good 5548%
Good 3228%
Neutral 1513%
Bad 87%
Very Bad 54%
Total Respondents115
 2.  Is a "bare pavement" policy important or would it be acceptable to focus on maintaining bare pavement at intersections and other key locations?
Response TotalResponse Percent
The "Bare Pavement" policy is important 7363%
The focus on intersections and other key locations is of greater importance 4237%
Total Respondents115
 3.  Do you find the Village snow removal is superior, equivalent, or inferior to neighboring communities or other locations that you are familiar with?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Superior 4943%
Equivalent 5750%
Inferior 98%
Total Respondents115
 4.  Generally, how long does it take for your street to be initially cleared, and how long before it is totally cleared after each snowfall over two inches?
1.24 hours
2.24 hrs cleared. 48 hrs for bare pavement
3.within 24 hours
4.We dont see plows until after the storm stops...several hours
5.8 hours
6.Usually by the next day all our streets are cleared
7.first snowfall it was not until 7:45am the next morning, unsure for 2nd
8.very quickly - can't pinpoint the number of hours
9.1 hour
10.Within 12 hours
11.within 24 hours
12.Pretty fast on the main street. Intersections are always a mess.
13.about 24h for total clearance
14.12 hours
15.A couple hours, maybe a little longer to be bare.
16.Within a few hours
17.You don't clear my street.
18.Less than 24 hours
19.prompt usually within hours after it starts to snow.
20.Immediately after
22.It was almost immediate. This storm the snow removal was fastest ever!
23.2-3 hrs.
24.2 hours
25.2 hours
26.I think they were out within 3 hours of the start of the snowfall
27.usually within 24 hours
28.3 hrs.
29.very quickly
30.24 hours
31.10-12 hrs
32.Not really sure. Not very long.
33.2- 3 hours
34.within 24 hours
35.Moved into my home 6 wks ago therefore I do not have much to compare to
36.2 hours
37.It's hard to tell they were there. It has to melt by itself.
38.12 hours altogether
39.1-2 days
40.It is done way before we address our driveway...super quick (you not us) day
42.approximately 8 hours after the first snowfall over two inches.
43.I'm not really aware of the timing only that I don't find snow an issue
44.sometime 24 hrs like the first storm we. the never had bare pavement !!
45.x least 8 hours it was horrible this past Friday. it took til 10pm street was not plowed for at least 36hrs after the 1/13 snow
48.Initially, 4-6 hours. Over all, 8-12 hours
49.A couple of hours and total 6 hours hour
51.Matter of a few hours.
52.I live across from village buildings - snow is cleared within hours.
53.12 hours initially, 18 hours totally
54.1 day or so
55.3-5 hours
56.2 hours
57.Several hours after everyone else as i live in a Cul De Sac
58.2-3 days
59.Not sure. day ,two days
61.4-5 hours
62.12 hours
63.couple hours & 24 hours
64.24 HOURS
65.5 hours
66.I'm not sure I have paid attention that closely, 6 - 10 hours?
68.2-5 hours
69.My driveway was completely blocked by the snow plows.
70.Not sure, within 12 hrs?
71.Within a couple of hours for initial removal & about 12 hrs for complete
72.I live on a dead-end street so it always seems to take a long time.
73.3-4 hours
74.within 24hr, and usually a few days before completely clear
75.4 hours , 12 hours
76.The issue is not how long, but it doesn't get touched until AFTER work hrs
77.24 h
78.4 - 6 hours
79.I think the plows do an adaquit job in my subdivision.
80.24 hrs
81.To get initial plow it takes at least 15 hours or more. Clearance = 30 hrs
82.Couple hours
83.At least 4 hours
84.Right away
85.within 24hrs
86.a few hours
87.6 hours
89.Three to Four hours.
90.6hrs to 12hrs.
91.8-12 hours
92.My Subdivision is always last, so it takes awhile for them to clean it.
94.a while
95.2 - 4 hours
96.not long...
97.very quickly - a few hours at most
98.I have not timed it but it is quickly.
99.Same day; Always cleared early in AM rush hour and is greatly appreciated was way too long this time!
101.not long
102.Right away I never notice it unplowed
103.? I am ususally not around when it happens.
104.with in a couple hours
105.initially within the first 6hrs and cleared in the first 24 hours.
106.1 day
107.12-16 hours
108.Streets were not cleared at all until early morning after the snowfall.
109.6-8 hours
110.At Once
111.Usually before I have to drive
112.within 24 hours
113.I believe the streets in my subdivision were never cleared to bare pavement
114.I don't pay attention and time it.
115.12 hours
Total Respondents  115
 5.  Snow is generally plowed to the right by snow removal equipment splitting the amount of snow piled at the ends of driveways equally for each side of the street.  Do you agree that the snow at the end of your driveway is generally equally distributed?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Strongly Agree 2522%
Agree 5951%
Neutral 2219%
Disagree 76%
Strongly Disagree 22%
Total Respondents115
 6.  As cul de sacs have more driveways per foot of street curb than a typical street, snow removal is slower and requires smaller equipment than used on a thru-street.  Contractors are instructed to avoid plowing snow into the driveways on cul de sacs.  Is snow plowed ino your driveway, or elsewhere?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Yes 2320%
No 6457%
Elsewhere, please specify 2623%
Total Respondents113
(skipped this question) 2

n/a dont live in cul-de-sac so dont know

Am not aware of how cul de sacs are plowed

do not apple

not applicable

You don't plow my street


My dad is on Ashley ct. And couldn't get over what a great job Pub. Works did!

in front on driveway


not applicable to me.

to the side curb

Generally, but not always

Snow Blocked the cluster of mailboxes,

Onto the median across the street.

Not on a cul de sac

I don't live on a cul de sac

Most of the snow COMPLETELY blocked my driveway! I am very unhappy!!!


Not sure.

I do not live in a cul-de-sac. You need a Does Not Apply Choice for this question is you require an answer.



i dont live in a cul de sac


yes, heavy rocks of snow are sometimes left at the end of our driveway

we are on a cul de sac. the snow is mostly on our lot by the mailbox.

 7.  Within Orland Park, some streets are maintained by the Village, some by the State (IDOT), and some by the County or Township.  Do you know who maintains your street?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Yes 7767%
No 3833%
Total Respondents115
 8.  Are there issues regarding the Village's snow removal operations that you'd like to tell us about, and do you have any suggetions for improvement?
4.We did not see plows consistently out these last two storms (Specifically the first one). They did come through our neighborhood once and then we headed out and the main streets were still a mess. We really felt that their presence was lacking. If I have to choose, I want the main roads kept clear vs my subdivision plowed
6.I believe that the Police Department should be more forceful to the residents who leave their cars in the street by ticketing and towing the cars. Also ticket anyone where the Police see snow has been shoveled or blown into the street.

When a storm is coming the news does a good job in informing the Public.

The "Doesn’t Apply To Me" attitude needs to stop in Orland Park that everyone needs to get their cars off the street or not blow the snow into the street.

Public Works does an excellent job in snow removal and then there are huge icy sections where cars were plowed around or the snow has been blown into the street.
7.Usually, the street is plowed but not cleared to pavement.
8.Wolf Road is a mess between 159th and 179th. Southwest Highway from 179th going West seems to be better.
I realize that these streets may not be under Orland Park's supervision, but how can Wolf be so bad and Southwest Highway be better??
I live in Brook Hills.
Thank you
9.Once you get into Orland Park the main roads are considerably less maintained than outside of the the village. Especially LaGrange Road. It's been our joke for 20 years that as soon as you see snow on the street you must be in Orland.
10.No they did a great job.
12.The last two snowfalls, my commute home I was unable to stop my car at the intersection and slid through 2 red lights on 159th. I was also unable to turn off 80th ave onto 157th and had to go to Wheeler Drive to get home. Intersections seem to be the worst with snow and ice.
13.overall good removal
15.It's all good!
16.No...I was very impressed by how the Village handled the storm.
17.When driving around town, I was able to get around perfectly!
18.Generally, great job, even in parking lots!
19.all in all they do a great job, but at some intersections like 143rd & 80th it seems more icy.
20.They are great
21.may sure intersections are kept salted
22.Yes, keep up the great work!!
23.The Village is doing a superlative job!
24.Interesting that you are so concerned about our opinions regarding snow removal. Where is the survey regarding the multimillion dollar development with an indiana contractor at 143rd and lagrange? Please stop playing politics.
26.No I think you do the best you can. I would love if the plow didn't throw back the snow from the street in the driveway I shovel. I am not sure if there is a solution besides picking up plow at every driveway and do not think that is reasonable.
30.No suggestions. Thanks for sending out a survey.
32.They do an excellent job
33.I know 159th Street is a state highway, but the part that runs through orland Park on Friday during rush hour was horrible. If they knew the storm was coming were they prepared?
34.More needs to be done.
We live in a business community which means people need to be able to travel without fearing for there lives because the snow isn't being removed to save money. This day & age you would think all the road maintenance divisions would be able to come up with a better way thru technology to manage snow removal Why not work together as a team? You would think if the burden was shared there could be a significant savings. FYI It snows every year.
36.Overall I feel the service is good, a lot of drifting occurs on 108Th ave south of 171st. I live in a cul-de-sac and the plow driver this year, so far, seems much better than last year. Last years driver did not plow within 6 feet of the curb. Mail man wouldn't deliver.
Keep up the good work.
37.Orland Park is a joke with snow removal. Tinley Park is the best and Orland Park is the worst. This is the only category of City Responsibilities that I can think of where this is the case. We have lived at our current residence in Orland Park since 1997 and before that we grew up in Tinley Park.

Where we live in Orland Park, LaGrange Road is the diving line between Tinley Park and Orland Park. As soon as you cross over into Orland it becomes treturous. I love driving in the snow and have no problem with it. My problem is that there is a large senior contingent in our area who freak out with the snow. It is not uncommon to have to drive under five miles an hour behind a slower panicky driver (there are many) in a 45mph zone. This causes me to have to pass in undesirable conditions. I'm not sure if the problem lies with the amount of passes the trucks make or if it is a salt issue. My suggestion is to send the decision maker over to Tinley Park and have them learn to due what Tinley Park does. I know this isn't too far fetched, because the mayors have been known to collaborate before on projects. At this point anything you do will be better than it is now. Thanks for asking. I hope the truth doesn't sting too much.
39.I like the idea of being proactive with having bare streets, however, I've lived here for 8 years & have never seen that. While our streets are paved, it usually takes over 24 hours.
40.Not really. Although one point to note...on Beacon (right off of 143rd street) that road is crazy dangerous as it is a hill (if you are turning onto Beacon) and w/ snow or ice your car can slide backwards toward 143rd. This happens to me each year (I seem to forget each year...I take West Ave after 1st time). This could be a horrible accident waiting to happen. Not sure if more salting would help or not.
42.None other than perhaps have the snow removal available sooner.
44.the last 2 yrs orland snow removal as gone downhill big time. I'm not happy
46.I feel that if it is on a normal workweek it should be plowed immediately so that after school pick up is smoother and those coming home are not stuck in traffic. Lagrange was aweful it took my husband close to an hour to get from carlsandburg high school to 151st due to the bad conditions on the road and the snow not being plowed.
47.My street was not plowed for at least 36 hrs afyrt the 1/13 snow but was plowed w/in 24 hrs after the 1/20 snow
48.Use more salt so the streets won't be slippery.
50.I have a friend in Countryside who told me that a truck comes by and clears the driveway for seniors that have signed up for it free of charge. You can pay to have your driveway done, but find it difficult to clear the end of the driveway after the plows go down the streets again.
52.It is all good.
55.not right now
57.Cul De Sacs take longer to plow "completely". However, in the interim, can a plow make a "one pass" to make a path that will help us get most of the way to our driveway (path down the cener of the Cul De Sac)?
59.No issues.
61.The snow removal in Orland Park is very efficient and I very much appreciate the focus on clearing and salting the streets in a timely and efficient manner.
63.Would they be able to put a little more salt closer to the driveways to help melt the snow & make it a little easier to get out of our driveway & be a little easier to shovel the snow that has been pushed toward the driveway?
64.Our streets never seem to be fully cleared. I understand that your busy and have a lot of streets to clean but our street seems to be the one of the last ones touched. I can't understand why 151st Street isn't touched between 88th ave and 82nd Ave until later in the day either. East of 82nd ave and West of 88th Ave is always clear of snow but between the 2 streets is the worst place to travel during any snow fall
66.No, I'm generally pleased with the snow removal in Orland Park.
68.All in all - a pretty good job I think.
69.The snow was piled extremely high right in front of my driveway. I had already shoveled twice and the had to clear 2 feet of snow blocking my driveway later. I was extremely angry!
70.When the weather forecast/news foresees a snowstorm, have the trucks out right before it starts to salt the streets. This way hopefully some of the snow melts initially & it's easier/ faster to keep up with later.
71.None at this time
73.No comments
74.Would be great if some of the smaller streets were cleared sooner, but understand that major roads are a priority. Snow just becomes packed, creating ice, slick roads, etc. when not cleared quickly.
75.doing a hreat job!! Thanks
79.I personally believe that your opinion questionaires are a real waste of tax payer money. You also have an opinion questionaire in the Orland Park Prairie, which I follow very closely. As far as I can see, none of the answers you receive make any differance all! I've lived in Orland Township for twenty- two years and some things never change, such as the flooding problem on the roadway between Wolf Road and Creek Crossing Drive, on 143rd street. It was like that when I moved here, and it still floods "every" time we have an above average rain fall. Our village hall seems to believe it is more important to install bicycle paths on 151st street and round-abouts at a time when economically we cannot afford them! Someones priorities are really screwed up! It's just like question #5 in this survey, if the plows plow the snow to the right, and more snow ends up on one side of the road than the other, what are you going to do about it, have the driver re-distribute the snow? Get real!
81.I live on Meadowview Court and would like to know why it takes so long for a snow plow to make an initial clearance? When they do eventually come, it appears they do not come back for a very long time. I've lived in Orland Park near 15 years and my previous residence was plowed sooner & more often.
83.I live in marley creek and feel that our subdivision is usually last to be plowed. Marley creek blvd going into/out of the subdivision is a nightmare in snow storms due to the steep slope. This dangerous intersection should be higher on the priority list. My friend live at approximately 167th and Stuart ave. in unincorporated orland park and her street is always plowed before mine.
I used to live in oak forest and the streets in oak forest were always plowed immediately and often.
84.I appreciate the village asking my opinion. Continue the great work.
85.We hope there is more of a focus on major intersections and key locations instead of clearing every neighborhood street right away. After living in many different states, it's a little disappointing that snow is removed SO quickly here from our neighborhood streets.
87.No. It's fine as far as I'm concerned.
89.My experience has been that they do a good job. Keep up the good work.
90.Improvement would be more up to date info on cleaning efforts. Like posting when a street has been cleaned.
92.We need more salt, and this year seems to be slower than usual for the village. My subdivision is usually last, but even when I had to go to work Orland Park streets we terrible this year. The 38 years I have lived in the village, I can't remember them ever being this bad.
93.good job
94.Yes, please tell the drivers to SLOW DOWN! For God's Sake, they fly down the street at an unsafe speed and DEFINITELY NOT the speedlimit!
96.It's fine, but I would worry about bare pavement in bigger snow events and not freak out about 2 in snowfalls
98.I think the Village does a good job.
99.Overall a very good job is usually pretty good, but this last fall was particularly bad - disappointed
101.NO I am Happy, I believe Orland Park is doing a great job keeping streets clear!
102.Keep up good work I went into chicago on sunday and side streets were still
103.I am proud to live in this efficient town!
104.snow removal has been very good
105.No issues. I feel that it is handled great.
106.I feel the streets were not cleared as quickly during the last storm as they have been in the past.
107.The Village should implement some type of snow removal supervision to its "bare pavement" policy to make this policy exceptionally successful. It would include having a few select supervisors/drivers to drive around sections of the Village to make sure the streets are to bare pavement within the 24hour goal. This is to manage snow plows more effectively.
108.Try to avoid shoveling snow onto the driveway. It is very frustrating to just finish cleaning driveway and then the truck comes through and puts snow and "rocks of snow" onto the driveway.
111.None, keep up the good work
112.Why do cul de sacs get prefered treatment? Sure there are more driveways per foot of street but there is less street. I would certainly like less snow at the end of my driveway too.
Also what is the cost of the bare pavement policy compared to intersection and busy street focus. The survey doesn't give enough information.
Overall I think the snow removal is properly run currently. However, I don't know if this is a bare pavement policy method or not.
Keep up the good work!
113.The village does a good job w/ the mail roads but needs to do better on the neighborhood streets.
114.I prefer the most cost effective way since our taxes have gone up so much over the past 2 years.
115.Overall, pretty good
Total Respondents  115

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