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 2012 Concert Survey
 Survey Title:2012 Concert Survey
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 Total Respondents:61
 Launched Date:09/07/2012
 Closed Date:09/29/2012
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The 2012 Concert Survey was emailed to participants that provided their email addresses at the event. Thank you for your feedback.

   Please assist the Village of Orland Park in our efforts to improve the Centennial Park West Concerts by answering a few questions.
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 2.  Which of the following Village concerts did you attend over the summer? Please check all that apply.
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
City Lights Orchestra - July 1 - Centennial Park West Response equal to 52 32 52% n/a n/a
Hillbilly Rockstarz - September 2 - Centennial Park West Response equal to 64 39 64% n/a n/a
Flat Cats - July 22 - Village Green Response equal to 31 19 31% n/a n/a
Total Respondents  61
 3.  Did you attend the City Lights Concert in 2011?
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
Yes Response equal to 39 24 39% n/a n/a
No Response equal to 61 37 61% n/a n/a
Total Respondents  61
 4.  How did you hear about the concert(s)?
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
Newspaper Ad Response equal to 43 26 43% n/a n/a
Summer Entertainment Guide Response equal to 33 20 33% n/a n/a
Recreation Program Brochure Response equal to 18 11 18% n/a n/a
Banner Response equal to 10 6 10% n/a n/a
Village Facility Poster Response equal to 16 10 16% n/a n/a
Restaurant Poster Response equal to 5 3 5% n/a n/a
Business Poster Response equal to 2 1 2% n/a n/a
Facebook Response equal to 8 5 8% n/a n/a
Email Response equal to 13 8 13% n/a n/a
Village's Website Response equal to 15 9 15% n/a n/a
Flyer Response equal to 5 3 5% n/a n/a
Word of Mouth Response equal to 38 23 38% n/a n/a
Other, please specify
16.Read it in the paper and the city newsletter
17.village facebook page
19.newspaper story
25.Colette Highlands Resident (Mailing)
Total Respondents  61
 5.  Please rate the following concert offerings. 5 Excellent; 1 Poor
  1 2 3 4 5 Response Total Response Average
City Lights Orchestra performance 2.5% (1) 5% (2) 22.5% (9) 20% (8) 50% (20) 40 4.1
Hillbilly Rockstarz performance 4.44% (2) 11.11% (5) 31.11% (14) 26.67% (12) 26.67% (12) 45 3.6
Concession offerings on July 1 12.5% (4) 6.25% (2) 53.12% (17) 25% (8) 3.12% (1) 32 3
Concession offerings on September 2 5.71% (2) 5.71% (2) 48.57% (17) 22.86% (8) 17.14% (6) 35 3.4
Total Respondents  61
 6.  Please rate your preference to the concert show times. 5 Best; 1 Worst
  1 2 3 4 5 Response Total Response Average
City Lights Orchestra 5:00-7:00 p.m. 6.38% (3) 8.51% (4) 23.4% (11) 23.4% (11) 38.3% (18) 47 3.79
Hillbilly Rockstarz 4:00-6:00 p.m. 24% (12) 8% (4) 14% (7) 26% (13) 28% (14) 50 3.26
Flat Cats 7:00-8:30 p.m. 2.56% (1) 5.13% (2) 12.82% (5) 30.77% (12) 48.72% (19) 39 4.18
Total Respondents  61
 7.  Did you bring your own food/beverages?
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
Yes Response equal to 66 40 66% n/a n/a
No Response equal to 34 21 34% n/a n/a
If yes, do you feel this is an important part of this venue's experience?
1.YES! It is SO nice to be able to pack our own picnic!!
3.It's nice to have a choice, we brought stuff but also bought some stuff
7.cutting cost is a very important part
10.It felt a little liek Ravina in Highland Park
21.Good option
29.Yes, it is also nice to have the opportunity to have the venue food.
32.did not know that we could bring our own beverages
33.the freedom of choice is extremely important to me.
34.Vendor cost high bring what you like
39.Not sure
43.yes, but also have the option of vendors
55.Not really...
56.An individual choice.
58.made it feel like a picnic
59.I can take it or leave it!
61.Yes, allows everyone to bring what they enjoy and take in the Concert Experience.
Total Respondents  61
 8.  Would you like to see more concerts offered at Centennial Park West?
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
Yes Response equal to 100 61 100% n/a n/a
No Visual spacer 0 0% n/a n/a
Total Respondents  61
 9.  If yes, how many per summer season might you attend?
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
3 Response equal to 25 15 25% n/a n/a
4 Response equal to 31 19 31% n/a n/a
5 Response equal to 11 7 11% n/a n/a
6 Response equal to 13 8 13% n/a n/a
More than 6 Response equal to 21 13 21% n/a n/a
Total Respondents  61
 10.  What genre of music would you prefer?
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
Country Response equal to 43 26 43% n/a n/a
Rock Response equal to 39 24 39% n/a n/a
Jazz Response equal to 54 33 54% n/a n/a
Blues Response equal to 39 24 39% n/a n/a
Bluegrass Response equal to 15 9 15% n/a n/a
Orchestra Response equal to 49 30 49% n/a n/a
Other, please specify
1.United States
5.oldies or motown
8.motown or oldies
16.Classic Rock
21.Oldie but goodie
24.polka (seriously...I mean it), folk
26.All but hard rock
27.How about open mic for upcoming single act performers ?
36.indie & motown
40.Oldies -big band
45.Big Band, Swing and Pop Oldies
46.Peter Oprisko Band
47.Big band, Sinatra
48.Big band swing/Sinatra/Bobby Darin/Nat King Cole
49.Latin, Big Band, Oldies
50.Big Band
51.Peter Oprisko Big Band
52.Sinatra, Glen Miller, etc
54.Big Band, Swing, Latin, Broadway
56.A variety of music.
57.Peter Oprisko Orchestra
58.Oldies, Dance , Party Mix
59.Pop standards, Broadway
61.Pop 80's
Total Respondents  61
 11.  What era of music would you prefer?
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
No preference Response equal to 28 17 28% n/a n/a
Contemporary Response equal to 11 7 11% n/a n/a
90s Response equal to 8 5 8% n/a n/a
80s Response equal to 11 7 11% n/a n/a
70s Response equal to 20 12 20% n/a n/a
60s Response equal to 30 18 30% n/a n/a
50s Response equal to 23 14 23% n/a n/a
Mix Response equal to 44 27 44% n/a n/a
Classical Response equal to 8 5 8% n/a n/a
Other, please specify
35.big band
39.30's, 40's, 50's
46.Sinatra, Harry Connick, Michale Buble, Tony Bennett
47.1920's, 30's, 40's, etc
48.All the good stuff from the big band era
52.30s, 40s
56.A mix of different eras.
57.Rat Pack Era music - Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Michael Buble, Harry Connick, etc.
Total Respondents  61
 12.  What bands in particular would you like to see in Orland Park?
1.City Lights is awesome, Buddy Guy, cover bands, everything
2.Generation, The Moods, Soda, Hey Jimmy, preference
4.any "quality" act is fine
5.Hey Jimmy Soda The Moods Generation
6.Any that play quality music.
7.None in particular. Ones that play more than talk to the audience.
8.Crown Vics, several Blues ones play the outdoor concert circut
, names excape me, American English, Neverly Brothers,
10.The Neverly Brothers, The Lisa Ranee Band
11.7th heaven!!!
12.I don't understand how other south suburbs can hire the hugely popular rock bands of the 70s and Orland Park cannot.
13.we liked the bands at the taste
14.Slippery When Wet, Merk, Catfight, Rock Candy, Kashmir
15.Too many to list
16.Not all that familiar with bands, would leave it up to the organizers.
17.Libido Funk Circus, R Gang, The Hillbenders, Special Consensus
18.Blazonck polka band....Fran's bentaler orchestra....sing a longs. Rock for the younger group. Five guys named mo
Beatles tribute band.....rolling stones tribute band
19.outcast band
20.up and coming bands
21.The Neverly Brothers
22.The Ava Logan Jazz Quartet or The Ava Logan Jazz Ensemble (five or more instruments). She perform Jazz, Pop, R&B and Blues Standards. Visit her website for song repertoire listing. Performing National and International, she has a wonderful Orland Park area following. Appearing locally at 94 West Restaurant for the past 8 yrs, the Orland Pk community has been quite supportive. Appearing at Hackney's of Palos Hills with the Brass Track Big band, when surveyed, she was the #1 rated repeat guest artist. It would be out of this world to see her appear with The Brass Track Big Band Jazz Orchestra at your venue. Visit Link below:Ava’s Brass Track Orchestra Big Band Vignettes
Please visit her website: to view her previous theater performances, Russian Tour and Mendocino Music Festival performance.
This Orland Park resident will be touring in Russia in October 2012 for the second time in two years. It would be so refreshing
to have this National and Internationa Jazz Recording Artist appear at your summer venue.
23.Ava Logan Jazz Ensemble
24.Lisa Ranee Band
25.Ava Logan
28.Peter Oprisko Band, Teddy Lee Orchestra
29.Peter Oprisko
30.Peter Oprisko Big Band
31.Peter Oprisko Pop-Jazz Band
32.Peter Oprisko Band. He's a terrific performer in the style of Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and many others.
33.Peter Oprisko Big Band would be a great fit for your series.
34.Peter Oprisko Big Band
35.The Peter Oprisko Band, The Ted Lega Band
37.Peter Oprisko
38.Somethng like New Lenox Triple Play, Naperville Ribfest Or Fifth Third Ballpark in Geneva, IL did on July 8th when they hosted a concert featuring the band Wilco - love that band and all ages were there. I also attended the New Lenox Summer Triple Play and got to see really awesome bands such as Heart and Styx.
39.Peter Oprisko Orchestra! I saw them in Green Bay this past July, and they are THE BEST! I was surprised to find out they are based in Orland!
40.Country, any party feel good music!
41.Peter Oprisko
42.Brave Combo
Total Respondents  43
(skipped this question)  18
 13.  If admission was charged, what amount would you be willing to pay per ticket?
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
$5 Response equal to 43 26 43% n/a n/a
$10 Response equal to 20 12 20% n/a n/a
$15 Response equal to 7 4 7% n/a n/a
$20 Response equal to 3 2 3% n/a n/a
Other, please specify
1.NO admission!
5.none is GREAT!
8.pls keep it free
9.The price would depend on the noteriety of the band
10.It would depend on the quality and noteriety of the band
24.depends on the band
32.We like the free stuff
33.if it is for the community free is the answer then we all can attend.
36.$1.00 donation
43.0---have sponsers
44.Let's keep this free
45.I think admission would kill the vibe
46.Don't know of any other municipality that charges admission to its concerts.
49.Don't know
50.Maybe...I'd have to think about it.
54.Maybe would depend on the musical act $20 - $40
56.No charge unless it becomes more professional like Ravinia.
58.$5, liked the Free aspect of concert
59.Depends on the quality of the act
61.a suggested donation is fine but to request money takes away from the park experience.
Total Respondents  61
 14.  Would you prefer an opening act before the featured entertainer/band?
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
Yes Response equal to 33 20 33% n/a n/a
No Response equal to 67 41 67% n/a n/a
Total Respondents  61
 15.  Are you aware of plans to construct a permanent concert venue structure at Centennial Park West?
  Response Total Response Percent Points Avg
Yes Response equal to 57 35 57% n/a n/a
No Response equal to 43 26 43% n/a n/a
Total Respondents  61
 16.  Suggestions for future concerts at Centennial Park West.
1.It would be so nice to develop rland Park's concerts into something like Frankfort's free Bluegrass Festival which offers two full days of free music with new bands taking the stage 45 minutes. (My family has attended this event in Frankfort since it began last year and it is WONDERFUL!) Since Centennial Park West is in a residential community (and I am a resident), I would suggest one day of music focused on a particular genre (C&W, Bluegrass, Blues, etc.). People can come & go throughout the day. It's a great way to highlight multiple bands!
2.fine the way it was
3.If the sound board could be placed all the way in the back, this way not 'obstructed' view.
4.Good sound systems
5.A sampling of genres. I would have enjoyed the Flat Cats at Centennial Park West. At the other venue I felt a little like being in the parking lot. There seemed to be more atmosphere at Centennial Park West.
6.Have washroom facilities closer.
7.Crown Vics..50's Rock & Roll,Pamela Rose-Windy City, Country/Western,Soul Cookin-Motown,Jay Witcher-Big Band Swing-CTA Chicag music,Domino R&B 70's/80's,Superfecta 60's Motown. Five Guys named Moe,The dancing noodles.Kent Blazy..60's Rock & country..Bur Ridge gets sponsers for the concerts..guess that is why no one has to pay.
8.bring 7th heaven!!! they play all over!!!
9.Look at the bands of the 70s that play in Chicago Ridge and other south suburban towns.
10.During the summer months, I have travelled to surrounding communities to see concerts and like the way Naperville and New Lenox bring in bigger names. As I sat at Pat Benatar in Naperville ($15) ticket, I thought people in Orland would gladly pay a small fee for a more well known band. For that concert alone, the crowd was massive, all paid attendees, and not only did it have community members but so many more who were willing to drive to see someone who they have great memories of in the past.
11.Yes, Bring bigger acts than ridgefest.
12.Until a permanent venue with an acoustically sound stage in place I don't see how an admission could be charged.
I enjoyed both performances - City Light and Hillbilly but the sound for the Hillbilly performance was lost in the wind.
13.All type of Rock Concerts
14.Keep having them, it is great to come out and enjoy the music and the meeting with friends.
15.Local school bands
16.Definitely need a permanent covered structure add 2 dollars to each tax bill....provide bus transportation from
Train station like 179th wolf would ease parking and charge maybe 2 dollars....charge residents but double for
Non residents....thank you for letting residents input !!....seniors ride and get in free
17.i like the way shows r presented now. i would like to see a two or three song set of local artists preceed main show as a way of ackowlaging our own talent locally.
18.The Neverly Brothers. Ive seen them several times and they draw a big crowd.
19.Various Big Band Jazz & Swing Orchestra's from the Chicagoland Area.
20.Ava Logan Jazz Ensemble See Ava is terrific!
22.have a later start time due to the heat of summer----7:30-8:00 start
23.Peter Oprisko band does a fabulous job with music from the Rat Pack era(Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, etc). My wife and I have seen him at Summer concerts in Frankfort and Tinley Park. We first saw him a couple years ago when he performed at the grand opening for the Meijer store in Orland.
Teddy Lee Orchestra is excellent, too! They are based in Joliet, but we have seen them perform at the Willowbrook Ballroom in Willow Springs, the Summer concert series in Schaumburg, and every year at the City of Chicago's Summer Dance in Grant Park.
24.Peter Oprisko
25.Peter Oprisko
26.You should really get Peter Oprisko and his band! He is so good that he sings the National Anthem for the White Sox and tours all over the country, but he actually lives in Orland! We really enjoy his music!
27.You'll be very pleased with Peter Oprisko. He performed for our foundation's annual fundraiser and was a huge hit.
28.Peter Oprisko Big Band
29.The Peter Oprisko Band, The Ted Lega Band
30.Sitting in the back areas you can't hear the music. You need some speakers in the back area. Also suggest some landscaping be done, trees, etc...
31.Peter Oprisko
32.Wilco, Heart, classic rock bands, Natalie Merchant, orchestras, etc...
33.See the lineup for a typical year for Franforts Concert on the Green. They get a good mix of different musical eras. That way it appeals to everyone eventially.
34.You can't go wrong with the Peter Oprisko Orchestra!
35.More country, dance , Feel Good/ Party Mix
36.I would pay(and have paid) to see Peter Oprisko and his band perform around the area. He played at the 75th anniversary of the Orland Park library to a packed house, and he plays all over the country! He would definitely give your series a boost!
37.More food and wine venders.
Total Respondents  37
(skipped this question)  24