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 Survey Results for the Orland Park Civic Center
 Survey Title:The Orland Park Civic Center
 Survey Properties:
 Total Respondents:48
 Survey Status:Closed
 Launched Date:02/29/2012
 Closed Date:02/29/2012
 Responses By Question Analysis:

 1.  Did you know that, since its 1989 opening, the Civic Center has been available for rentals for residents and non-residents for events such as wedding receptions, family parties, business meetings and training seminars, among others?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Yes 2756%
No 2144%
Total Respondents48
 2.  Have you hosted an event at the Civic Center?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Yes 817%
No 4083%
Total Respondents48
 3.  What types of events have you attended at the Orland Park Civic Center?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Birthdays 612%
Bridal Shows 00%
Civic Events 1531%
Collectibles Shows 510%
Corporate Gatherings 12%
Craft Shows 817%
Election Voting 919%
Expositions 36%
Fashion Shows 00%
Fundraisers 1021%
Graduations 36%
Hearings 12%
Hobby Exhibits 48%
Holiday Parties 612%
Meetings 817%
Military Events 36%
Multi-Business Networking Events 12%
Receptions 36%
Religious Celebrations 00%
Reunions 24%
Seminars 48%
Senior Interest Workshops 00%
Showers 510%
Spa Events 00%
Training Programs 510%
Veterans’ Events 24%
Weddings 36%
Other, please specify 1225%
Total Respondents48
 4.   Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following attributes:
  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied Response Total Points Avg
Accomodations 40% (14) 40% (14) 20% (7) 0% (0) 0% (0) 35
Availability of Parking 43.24% (16) 32.43% (12) 18.92% (7) 2.7% (1) 2.7% (1) 37
Customer Service 32.43% (12) 35.14% (13) 27.03% (10) 2.7% (1) 2.7% (1) 37
Facility Location 51.35% (19) 29.73% (11) 16.22% (6) 2.7% (1) 0% (0) 37
Staff Assistance 38.89% (14) 27.78% (10) 27.78% (10) 2.78% (1) 2.78% (1) 36
Total Respondents  37
(skipped this question)  11
 5.  How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the Orland Park Civic Center?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Very Satisfied 1129%
Satisfied 1745%
Neutral 1026%
Dissatisfied 00%
Very Dissatisfied 00%
Total Respondents38
(skipped this question) 10
 6.  How likely are you to recommend the Civic Center to a friend/colleague?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Very Likely 922%
Likely 1128%
Neutral 1230%
Unlikely 512%
Very Unlikely 38%
Total Respondents40
(skipped this question) 8
 7.  Do you believe improvements need to be made on the facility and/or its services?
Response TotalResponse Percent
Yes 1233%
No 2467%
Total Respondents36
(skipped this question) 12
 8.  What improvements would you suggest, if any?
1.The Civic Center is very outdated. It needs a major facelift. New paint colors, maybe some type of carpeting so the sound does not echo.
2.Additional parking if possible.
3.none that I can think of.
4.Drop off area in front of the entrance.
I had a hard time finding a parking space and my 88 year old mother had to walk the distance to enter the building.
5.I really don't know. I've rarely even been in it but it looks very dated.
6.change the table or maybe add another type of table like round table.
7.Nothing at this time. The Civic Center Manager and staff do an extremely great job running the Civic Center and are very accommodating to its clients who hold functions at this facility. They couldn't be more helpful in bringing each event to a successful end. The facility is beautiful, clean, nicely appointed and invites all types of organizations to hold their events at this location. Bravo to the Civic Center Manager and staff - keep up what you are doing.
8.Some type of curtains on some windows, paint a few walls to brighten it up, check out the heating in the building- sometimes a little cold. suggestions - your survey needs to include for those who have never been at an event there (maybe have not applicable and then ask why to get why you have an untapped group)
10.[No Answer Entered]
11.Cultural diversity and sensitivity training of employees.
12.Every time I have hosted or have been to an event at the Civic Center, the staff has been wonderful. The building is clean and my guests have always been impressed with the facility.
13.If it is going to host more events their should be an auditorium with auditorium seating. Something that houses 500 plus people.
14.In the begining, alcohol was not allowed. Has that changed?
Also the price is high compared to Vet and Legion Halls that I have used in the past for graduation parties.
15.An auditorium, with auditorium seating would be nice.
16.Space seems "chopped up". Whenever I've attended a large event (craft)it seems a larger room would be appropriate.
17.make it bigger better design
Total Respondents  17
(skipped this question)  31
 9.  The Civic Center staff is always looking for new uses for the facility, especially on week days.  In addition to corporate training seminars and programs, what other events would you suggest?
1.Maybe during the cold winter months - resturants could have the opportunity to reserve a room once a week to offer luncheons from 11:30 to 1:00. Having the Village Hall, Library and Township buildings in the area those employees could come in to have lunch close by. Also advertising something like that with the Senior groups (at the Cultural Center, or Bingo) would give them something to look forward to. There are many Offices also that this could be advertized to.

Doing this may showoff the Civic Center to different groups who may in the future want to rent out space.
2.Senior classes. Painting, crafts, cards.
3.Could it be used as a Moraine Valley extension, much like Andrew High School or other extension locations?
4.Send picture brochures and other information about the Civic Center to Corporations in the region regarding the potential of holding their meetings and events at the Civic Center.
5.Can't think of anything at this time.
6.Have a drop in library event or 2 (like they do at Panera and the pool) get parents seeing the event place and open up their eyes to the possibilities (you have a bazillion preschoolers...why not have kid bday parties there)
7.I can't answer the above questions because I have not had an experience with events at the civic center.
8.I do wish the business community would use the building more. Maybe the local colleges could make use of the building on week days.
9.In the begining, we were told that the building would include an art gallery. I think monthly shows from local artists and students with much attenetion and advertising would be nice.
10.Senior Club for coffee and games during the week days. It should be a welcoming center where seniors have a place to go and look forward to.
Total Respondents  10
(skipped this question)  38

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